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Sharing your passion for the vintage race event on this site, it can!

Joy shared, double joy!


gedeelde passiegedeelde passiegedeelde passei


If you would like to share your passion for vintage racing material, here is your chance.
For each subject you can post up to 12 pictures.
It would be nice if you could comment briefly each picture as in the previous exampels on the site.


You can mention your first name, your initials or an alias to personalize your item.
Registration is required to be able to log in and post.

A list with data can be filled in but don't feel obligated.
Nothing personal will be made public.


We are only a small team of two 'appasionati'.
So it can take a little time to put everything on the site.
It's possible that we ask some additional questions to make the

information and the presentation of the bike even more interesting.


Here's the place to submit apply 


"Partners in passion" looking forward to your contribution
Het DCI team