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Links to Steel Road Bikes

Online Vintage Bicycle Museum.
Welcome to The Racing Bicycle, antique and classic racing bicycle .
Catalogue Messner (1926) Enorme fiets catalogus!
Welcome to Classic Lightweights, the most comprehensive online repository on the history of British bespoke... Classic Lightweights UK
Forum Velo Retro Course
A website dedicated to fans of fast bicycles: speedbicycles.
Le premier forum les velos anciens: Les vélos anciens
DISRAELI GEARS A derailleur collection Derailleurs - historie
BENVENUTI! BICI D'EPOCA Iyaliaanse klassieke site.
The bicycle info project Bicycle Info Project.
Klassik Renrad Duitse klassiekersite.
Bike Pictures, Posters, Catalog Scans etc  Bulgier catalogi.
De Eerste Enige Echte Rooms-Katholieke Nederlandse Wieler Blog Fabio Farelli's goedkatholieke blog.
Le blog de  Franse restauraties.
Was ist die  Klassikerausfahrt.
The Old Bicycle Association Vereniging De Oude Fiets.
Online Vintage Bicycle Museum Vintage Bicycle Museum.
Welcome to the Cycling Museum Wielermuseum databank.
BICYCLE  PHOTO  GALLERY Ray Dobbins Gallery.
Race Bicycle Masi

Cycles Retro PEUGOT Peugeot catalogi.
Bicycle decals Transfers Lloyd UK.
Cyclus Tools - YouTube allerlei filmpjes om aan de fiets te leren werken
Seatpost Size Database

Welcome to 2VELO – Vintage cycling Wonderland.
Vintage Bike Catalogs
Welcome to Velo-Pages (