Kessels Merckx 3nd generation racebike, How to identify

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Vintage Kessels Merckx frame,  third generation 1977 - 1979, how to identify a high-end frame?
It is always a subject of discussion. The thread running through every story is: Kessels did not make
frames but imported them from framebuilders. Vaneenooghe in Ruiselede and Gaston Orlans in Gistel, both in West Flanders Belgium were two of the builders. 
On the photos below you can see only high-end Kessels-Merckx framesets  similar to the ones
Eddy Merckx used in different races between 1971 and 1977.

Merckx De Rosa Fiat Tour de France 1977

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 Vintage Merckx De Rosa Fiat Tour de France 1977.
The current owner recieved confirmation from Mr Eddy Merckx about the 
authenticity of the frameset. Contact with Mr De Rosa regarding the meaning of GF+ learned that this bike
can be dated in 1977. All sizes and dimensions were measured. They proved to match perfectly with the certified bicycles of Eddy Merckx. 
Many thanks to Mr. Wynants.