Unknown vintage bike frames list

Submitted by dciadmin... on Tue, 02/28/2023 - 20:26

Unknown vintage bike frames list

Below is a list of unknown steel racing bike frames.
How long this list becomes also depends on you.
Every collector will come across a nice frame one day, but no idea what brand it is?
Here you get the chance to post your unknown bike/frame? Click here.
You can post ten photos and add a text with information.
We post everything on the site, not satisfied we remove your information and photos.
After a few days, the page will be visible on Google and other search platforms.
The DCi team


cadres de vélo de course en acier vintage inconnus


unknown bike frame 1940's Retro steel bikes
More info ...


unknown bike frame 1940's Retro steel bikes
More info ...


unknown bike frame ovale tubes 1970's Retro steel bikes
More info ...




Isabeaux (not verified)

Thu, 05/18/2023 - 17:25

Je recherche l'année et le constructeur de se cadre.
Merci d'avance.

Bonjour, dans cet article il y a trois cadres ou on ne sait pas avec certitude qui est le constructeur. Sur lequel des trois cadres recherchez-vous 
des information? Cordialement.

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