"Richard Depoorter" project

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When riding a vintage bicycle and someone calls you and says 'look what I've got here to get rid of', it's happy days. Fell in love with the lugs, internationally seen (Cinelli, Galmozi, BRH, JNA, Aandewiel, ...) and most propable casted in sand by EKLA (Belgium). To honour a Flandrien named Richard Depoorter who won two times Luik-Bastenaken-Luik but unfortunatly died under mysterious circumstances in the Tour of Switzerland 1948, the bike is called 'La Doyenne'

Year: '60 ies
Frame Size: 
Serial number: 3
Tubing: Chrom-Molybdeen
Bottom Bracket:
Front Derailleur: 
Rear Derailleur: 

Front Hub: 
Rear Hub: 
Handlebars and Stem: 
Extra: EKLA lugs


vintage steel race bike Richard Depoorter La Doyenne
After restoration, decals still to be applied


vintage steel race bike Richard Depoorter
1998, 50 years after ...


Richard Depoorter head badge
Richard Depoorter badge
Richard Depoorter head badge
Richard Depoorter badge


"Corsa Sportivo"
In the fork, stamped 'chrome molybdeen'


"Corsa Sportivo"
Headtube before restoration


vintage Corsa Sportivo
Headtube with Ekla lugs and Ekla "D" forkcrown after restoration


Vintage de poorter bike


Classic steel bikes EKLA fork crown
Another example of EKLA forkcrown, type 'Round, track


Oude stalen koersfietsen EKLA vorkkroon
Another example of a EKLA forkcrown, type 'Round', piste


"Corsa Sportivo"
Dropout before


Corsa Sportivo
Dropout after with a "3"


Vintage lugs
EKLA sand casted bracket


"Corsa Sportivo"
Bracket after restoration, with grease nipple


"Corsa Sportivo"
Some soldering work had to been done ...


"Corsa Sportivo"
The Cyclo front derailleur is waiting to be mounted


"Corsa Sportivo"
Seattube decals
"Corsa Sportivo"
Headtube decal 


vintage steel race bike Richard Depoorter La Doyenne
The application of this artwork (from the hand of Ian Da Costa) required surgical precision


vintage steel race bike Richard Depoorter La Doyenne
La Doyenne and Richard Depoorter joined together


Stan-Ockers-en-Depoorter-Ronde-van-Zw -1948
Stan Ockers and Richard Depoorter in the Tour of Switzerland, 16th of  june 1948, Thun-Aldorf 134,4 km. Richard did not arrive that day ...


Richard Depoorter, a biography




Ik zie dat Ekla een Belgische firma was die tot jaren '70 zandgegoten lugs maakte. Ik zie die lugs ook bvb in fietsen van de jaren '60 van België/Nederland (BRH Belgisch Rijwiel Huis/Jan Nieuwenhoff A'dam/... ) tot in Italië (Cinelli/Galmozzi/ ...) terug. 

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Tue, 08/16/2022 - 14:51

Volgens een lijst die ik op het internet vond zou het merk RICH. DEPOORTER op de markt gebracht zijn door ene Debou, O. uit Ichtegem. Voor wat het waard is.

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