Vincar Milano '50 ies

Submitted by dciadmin... on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 17:21

Milan, Milano, North-Italy, the region par excellence for framebuilders. Not only for the Cinelli stem and handlebar in one piece but even more for the Vincar certified mechanisme to adjust the height of the seatpost, this Vincar children's bike is one of a kind. 
(Thanks to Fred)



"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Milano


"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Milano seatstay



"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Milano, a frame without lugs


"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Milano, Cinelli stem and handlebar in one piece


"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Torino, a colour combination as only the Italians dare


"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Milano, very nice bottle holder with a homemade bottle


"Vincar Torino"
Vincar Milano head set plate


"Vincar Milano, "
Vincar Milano with Gnutti hubs


"Vincar Milano, "
Vincar Milano with Bimbo brakes


"Vincar Milano, "
Vincar Milano. A certified system to adjust the height of the seatpost. 
If only Merckx had known ...





Bent (not verified)

Tue, 07/06/2021 - 12:39

Very nice indeed. I'm currently restoring the same bike (different colour) and it's very interesting to see some of the original features on these pictures. It's specifically difficult to find the correct sized tires. They are of course not made anymore.

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